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Top 3 Tips to Making Your Community Event a Success

By March 28, 2018Windy City Linen

Spring offers us the opportunity to connect with our community through many fresh and exciting seasonal community events. As you begin the planning for your upcoming celebrations, use these tips below to make your community-centric events a success in 2018…


Call on Your Community: Partner with local community members, social influencers, and local media to widen community exposure and gain more attendance. Bringing in local businesses as sponsors, and collaborating with industry or community influencers helps create the event promotional buzz that can dramatically improve the success of your community based functions. Remember to provide your community supporters with shareable materials such as paper flyers, online invitations or Facebook/Eventbrite links, press releases, blogs, video content, and social postings so they have what they need to spread the word about your upcoming event.

Think Outside the Box: Cinco de Mayo and Mother’s Day events are sure to be top of mind in the upcoming months. Draw attention to your community event by trending on something out of the ordinary, like National Gardening Day, service initiatives, or a new movie premier. Be creative and allow yourself to be inspired by the season and what’s happening in YOUR community. Need help finding a trend topic? Consider checking out your local newspapers such as Patch online or researching trending #hashtags on Google.

Focus on the Details: It is easy for community organizations and non-profits on strict budgets to want to cut corners on the details that impact the overall success of their community event. Remember to focus on the details behind decor, linens, entertainment, and food to ensure your event is exciting and memorable for your community attendees. Something as simple as a unique table linen pattern and alternating napkin fabric, or an out-of-the-ordinary menu item such as an enchilada dinner instead of a standard chicken dish, can add excitement to even the simplest of events.


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