Windy City Linen Elevates 20+ Events on PartySlate with Luxe Fabrics and Gorgeous Patterns

From weddings to showers, galas to corporate gatherings, Mitzvahs to birthday parties, and so much more, we can enhance any event’s style, palette, or theme with our wide range of quality linens — with quality service to match.

Our PartySlate profile features 24 events we have been lucky to be apart of, which span across all seasons, styles and sizes. Whether it be an adorable Friendsgiving gathering, a chic holiday dinner, or even an Alice in Wonderland-inspired tea party, our linens are often at the center of each event’s design.

For this Mardi Gras dinner, we incorporated a luxe patterned runner that mimicked a marble design across the tablescapes. With hints of purple to complement the lavender florals, the linens were elegantly on-theme without overwhelming the design.

For the Evoke 2019 “Floating World Gallery,” we supplied a wide range of eye-catching linens atop round cocktail hour tables, which were sprawled throughout the space to add color and dimension to the room.

One of the hottest trends of 2019 is citrus-infused tablescapes. At this corporate gathering, we enhanced stunning lemon-adorned tablescapes with alternating linens across the event’s four long tables. From crisp ivory to patterned green, we kept guests on their toes with an aesthetically pleasing variety.

We look forward to continue transforming event designs while bringing our clients' visions to life one linen at a time.

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