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How to Craft a Breathtaking Tablescape Like a Professional

By August 29, 2018Windy City Linen

Creating custom tablescapes to fit seamlessly into an event takes a keen eye and knack for details. Looking to take your event design game to the next level? Visit our step-by-step guide to building a breathtaking tablescape like the pros.

Start with a base: Every beautiful tablescape starts with a strong base – and we don’t mean just a sturdy table! The base linens you choose will serve as the foundation for the rest of your table setting. With variance in color, texture, pattern, length, and style there are endless options for every style preference. Think about your theme, the venue, or the atmosphere and feeling you are trying to create to help guide you. If your table has character of its own, opt for a tasteful table runner as a complimentary accent instead.


Choose a direction: Deciding on a style or theme direction you want to take your setting will act as a checkpoint to ensure you are staying within a scheme. A minimalist build can add a modern air to your event, while a formal setting can add class and sophistication. Is your tablescape trending with a color? Trending with a season? Or possibly trending with a theme? Does you meal require certain types of settings or flatware? Does the event require tablescape accommodations like extra room for awards or entertainment? Make sure these decisions are clear before adding too many finishing touches.


Layers and accents: Sticking to your direction or theme of choice, the next step is to incorporate the actual table elements – napkins, napkin rings or accents, placemats, glassware choices, silverware, menus and placecards, etc. Start from the bottom up considering textural and visual contrast. If you have a solid linen base, consider a contrasting plate layered with a unique napkin fold in a print or complimentary color. Or utilize an out of the box napkin presentation offering your plate as a base for accent flowers, menus, or matching sweet treats for guests.


Finishing touches: This can include anything from centerpieces to table entertainment. Add these remaining elements keeping in mind visual limitations of guests, dramatic impact desired, and catering and meal plating needs. Always step 10 feet back from the table you are setting to ensure decorative elements are balanced and centered. You may enjoy varying finishing touches from table to table to add a more whimsical, visually dynamic room look. Or, you may opt for the classical elegance of perfectly matching centerpieces and table settings. Once complete, simply step back and admire your expertly designed tablescape.





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